Welcome to Tinderbox

“Rave Culture Meets Last Night of the Proms” The Herald


“You don’t need to be involved or even musical to experience and understand its creativity, it just blows everything you think about orchestras & young people to bits” Jack, 16 years old

Tinderbox finds its way into interesting places and makes amazing things happen.  Part of its magic comes from not quite knowing where it will take you, but thousands of young people could tell you about the spark it has ignited in them.

We’re auditioning for our next Tinderbox Orchestra course from February 2017 – click here for more information!


We would like a wish a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the Open Door Christmas Concert!  We had a fantastic evening and hope you did too.



“Rave Culture meets last night of the Proms” The Herald

“A spectacular modern band” The Guardian

“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News

**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List

2015 Creative Edinburgh Awards runner up

2014 Scotsman Fringe First award

2013 Scottish Jazz Awards runner up – Innovation and Education awards